Design Benefits:

  • Large frameless glass appearance
  • Large opening when retracted, up to 60” long
  • Flush glass panels when closed, no overlapping glass panels
  • Flat or Curved (swept) glass which parallels the exterior surface of the pilot house or cabin
  • Custom DLO (day light opening) shapes to meet your design requirements
  • Integrated assembly fixturing for bonded installation with each panel

Performance Benefits:

  • Corrosion Free
    • 316 stainless frame mounted from the inside of the pilot house     
    • Delrin tracks
  • 12V or 24V Dyneema continuous line drive
  • Compression seal of the sliding panel to the frame, no seal drag on glass
  • Water management system to drain track
  • Manual over-ride in case of power failure
  • Storm latch with auto release
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