Our Philosophy

“The Art of Design, Engineering & Fabrication”

Our business grew out of doing what we love to do, create new product solutions using the expertise of artists, problem solvers and truly great craftsmen.  With backgrounds in automotive development, fabrication and a love of boating, we combine our energies to create high quality products for the finest boat builders.  Addressing low volume production realities with our prototype skills honed from years of experience, we use both the newest and traditional manufacturing processes to offer exciting products that give our customers a unique product advantage over the competition.

We have been in business for over twenty years.  Currently we serve not only the marine marketplace but also the automotive aftermarket and food service markets.  Our products vary, but our design and manufacturing processes are common; metal fabrication (primarily stainless steel), mechanical solutions and the integrated use of fabrics.  With steady growth, our customer base continues to expand worldwide.

Provide What Your Customers Want!

DTS Marine Innovation:  Quality, performance, convenience & exquisite design.