Manual Retracting Sliding Glass Systems (RSG)

Our manual sliding glass modules offer significant performance improvements over aluminum framed windows with corrosion free stainless frames, extremely durable tracks that offer low effort opening and closing.  The compression seal outperforms glass that slides in a flocked seal, assuring maximum water intrusion protection.  Water sheds outside of the boat with no streaks from drain holes and aluminum frames.

DTS Marine | T34-Side-Glass-3

Design Benefits:

  • Flush Flat Glass Panels When Closed, No Overlapping Glass Panels

Performance Benefits:

  • Corrosion Free: 316 Stainless Steel Frame with Delrin Tracks
  • Compression Seal of the Sliding Panel to the Frame
  • Water Sheds to the Exterior
  • Manual Latch


DTS Marine | 2012-08-27_14-57-36_162
DTS Marine | HS-ASSY-T34-STAR-Drawing

DTS-Marine Manual Retracting Sliding Glass System T34

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