Power Convertible Tops

The Hinckley T38R is perhaps the finest convertible top system designed and engineered for high end power boats.  No concessions on function, weather protection or construction were made.  Not only is it more convenient than erecting a manual top, the polished stainless top mechanism is a work of art.

Our unique design solution still stretches the top tight yet allows free access to the boat.

DTS can provide a convertible system that is weather tight and easy to operate for your next project.

DTS-Marine Power Convertible Top
DTS Marine | P1000143
DTS Marine | P1000144

Features & Benefits:

  • Automatic Powered Retractable System
  • Fast Actuation
  • Corrosion Free 316 Stainless Steel
  • Retracts Out of Site
  • Easy to Board with the Top Up
DTS Marine | P9160018
DTS Marine | P9160017

T38R Top Going Up

DTS Marine Power Convertible Top T38R Top Going Up

T38R Top Going Down

DTS Marine Power Convertible Top T38R Top Going Down

Push Button Convenience.

A work of art.