Retracting Vertical Glass Systems (RVG)

When you look for lower cost solutions or you have a tight packaging requirement for your vertical retracting window, we have the solution.  The Dyneema line drive lift system, with our proprietary components, offers smooth corrosion free operation at a lower cost.  The glass may be flat or curved to meet your styling needs.  The tight automotive style beltline seal assures minimal water entry to drain to the bilge.

DTS Marine | 6-Sept-to-7-Sept229-RVG
DTS Marine | 2012-10-25_14-10-39_87-RVG

Features & Benefits:

Simple, Smaller and Lower Cost Line Drive

  • Custom DLO (Day Light Opening)
  • Interior or Exterior Mounting
  • Corrosion Free 316 Stainless Steel
  • 12V or 24V
  • Belt Line Seals


DTS Marine | INT327-SG-MODULE-GA-Drawing

RVG Intrepid Side Glass

DTS Marine RVG Intrepid Side Glass Retracting Vertical Glass

Exquisite Design.

Flat or curve glass to meet your style.