Sunroof Systems

We provide simple sunroof systems or more unique systems that combine a sunroof with a retractable side glass for simply more open air or a method of entry/egress.  When you want something more than an off the shelf part we will work with your designers to arrive at a product with that special “wow factor”.

DTS Marine | Limo-Tender-2

Features & Benefits:

  • Open Air Roof
  • Custom Configurations
  • Powered or Manual
  • Positive Sealing or Water Management Systems
  • Concealed When Retracted
Hodgdon Tenders 8.5m Limo Open Air Sun Roof

Hodgdon Sunroof Hidden

DTS Marine Hodgdon Sunroof Hidden

Hodgdon Sunroof Exposes

DTS Marine Dodgdon Sunroof Exposed

The Wow Factor!

Want a more open-air experience?  Here is your answer.