Power Retracting Sliding Glass Systems (RSG)

Our power sliding glass brings the same convenience to your customer as they expect from their automobile.  One button opening and closing with full compression sealing assures the best powered sliding window system on the market.  The Dyneema line drive assures a very compact package for actuating the window; large opening sizes can be tailored to your functional and styling needs.

Systems are available in flat or curved glass to match your pilot house surface and the drive motors may be placed to optimize service and packaging needs.

DTS Marine | T48-Side-Glass-3-FLAT
DTS Marine | T43-Pwr-RG

Design Benefits:

  • Large Frameless Glass Appearance
  • Large Opening When Retracted, Up to 60” Long
  • Flush Glass Panels When Closed, No Overlapping Glass Panels
  • Flat or Curved (Swept) Glass Which Parallels the Exterior Surface of the Pilot House or Cabin
  • Custom DLO (Day Light Opening) Shapes to Meet Design Requirements

Performance Benefits:

  • Corrosion Free: 316 Stainless Steel Frame Mounted from Inside of Pilot House or Cabin and Delrin Window Tracks
  • 12V or 24V Dyneema Continuous Line Drive
  • Compression Seal of the Sliding Panel to the Frame
  • Water Sheds to the Exterior
  • Manual Over-ride in Case of Power Failure
  • Storm Latch with Auto Release
DTS Marine | SG-STAR-ASSY-T43-GA-Drawing

VIDEO CLIP: Interior T37



The ease of opening a window with a push of a button!