Retracting Vertical Glass Systems (RVGW)

For larger heavier opening glass needs, we offer our heavy-duty belt drive vertically retracting glass system.  Capable of lifting large glass windows using our proprietary counter balance systems in conjunction with the double toothed belt drive, we can open large aft deck facing windows, interior glass dividers or side glass in conjunction with the tandem timing belt drive.

The stainless tracks and tight automotive style beltline seal assures minimal water entry to drain to the bilge and corrosion free construction.  This system can also be applied to solid panels you may wish to move.

DTS Marine | Aft-Bulkhead-RVGW

Features & Benefits:

Large Windows (8’+ Wide) with Heavy Duty Belt Drive

  • Custom DLO (Day Light Opening)
  • Interior or Exterior Mounting
  • Corrosion Free 316 Stainless Steel
  • 12V or 24V
  • Belt Line Seals
DTS marine | RVG-F&S-64-Drawing

RVGW | F&S 64

DTS Marine RVGW F&S 64 Retracting Vertical Glass

RVGW| New Zealand YD1015

DTS Marine RVGW New Zealand YD1015 Retracting Vertical Glass System

Ingenious Engineering.

Quality design required for large power windows.