PSD Hatch (New Product!)

Tired of reaching overhead to open, close or lock your overhead hatches?  Our powered self-dogging hatch eliminates those problems.  It also eliminates those pesky leaks that result from latch holes in the hatch lens.  Open air convenience without the hassle.

PSD Hatch DTS Marine New Product

Features & Benefits

  • Power Self Dogging (Latching)
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Minimal Loss of Headroom
  • No Through Holes in Lens to Leak
  • Positive Automatic Sealing
  • Remote Controlled Hatch Actuation
  • Emergency Release
  • 12 Volt Powered
  • 31”x31” and 24”x24” Sizes Available
  • Rain and Heat Sensor Options
  • Patent Pending
PSD Hatch 3131 GA Drawing DTS Marine

VIDEO CLIP | Rain Sensor Auto Close

VIDEO CLIP | Internal Latch View

New Product!

. . . call for more information.  Available now!